Online merchant accounts

We can support your organization or business in signing up for and setting up an online merchant account for donations, memberships, and online sales. We can sign up for your merchant account, purchase and set up SSL certificate (if necessary), and connect it to your web site.

We currently support:

  • all versions of Paypal, including Payments Pro
  • Google Checkout

Creating your account

Paypal: To create a Paypal account, click here. Paypal Standard will allow you to connect your web site to Paypal for the payment processing. Paypal Pro will allow you to handle the entire transaction on your web site. It will require a SSL certificate and filling out an application. There is a monthly cost that varies according to services selected for Payments Pro.

Google Checkout: To create a Google Checkout account, click here. Google Checkout only allows political organizations at the federal level to use its services. is a full merchant account and payment gateway for your web site. All transactions are handled on your web site, so a SSL certificate will be needed. You can also input transactions manually into the web interface.








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