Computers and Technology

server and printerInformation systems are integral for any campaign.  More so, the systems you have must be easy for all staff and volunteers to use. It is also paramount that your systems are secured to protect the data that you are collecting throughout your campaign.

Forward Support offers your campaign business grade information systems and services that are customized for a campaign environment. This allows you to politically connect with voters while we manage your digital connections.

Internal and external network access - Forward Support is there from the very beginning to help you get the Internet access for your campaign needs at the best rate.  Instead of being on the phone with your Internet provider, you can be on the phone with supporters.  We also provide a secure connection from inside of your campaign headquarters that extends to satellite offices, your home, and to key members of your staff.

"The technology that's out there is going to change the country; therefore, it's going to change our politics."
-Doug Bailey, publisher, Hotline.

Drop and Go Systems - Setting up your system is as easy as plunging in a telephone cable and power cord.  To ensure everything works correctly, our systems are preconfigured and tested before they are sent to your location.  User accounts are precreated to allow access to allow specific access for specific users.  More so, in the late nights of the campaign you can rest assured that no actions by a sleep deprived manager or candidate will render your system unusable.

Integrated and Online Training - With our on-site and online training, you and your staff are quickly guided on how to use your systems to educate voters and recruit supporters.

Secure Remote Access - Access your systems remotely with the confidence that your data is protected with many layers of encryption and firewalls.

Redundant Hardware - Campaigns can not afford to loose data due to a hard drive failing or power spike.  All systems we provide you are server grade hardware with redundant hardware that protects your data.  For larger campaigns, we offer packages that have redundant servers and Internet connections.

Remote Motoring and Administration - All hardware we provide to your campaign is actively monitor real-time.  If a system deviates from a baseline it will "call home" for one of our system administrators to begin actively troubleshooting and correcting the issue remotely.  In the event a hardware replacement is necessary, a system administrator will call your campaign and schedule an on-site visit to repair the issue.

Leased Systems - Forward Support leases all systems and hardware to campaigns. This allows for a small upfront cost when funds are limited and the ability to bring on new systems as your campaign grows. At the end of your campaign, all systems are returned to us where archives of your data are transfered to DVD for your next campaign. Then all systems are sanitized before they are sent out to another campaign.

Automatic Printer Monitoring - Any printers leased from Forward Support are monitored remotely.  As they run low on ink and toner, you can opt for us to automatically ship new consumables to you.  This keeps your staff on the phones and in the field rather than running to the office supply store.

The best way that we can assist you is for you to contact us and schedule a time to discuss your campaign IT needs.

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